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Chiropractic care has been sought to relieve people of physical pains. It has been proven that this care is the best choice for treatment of lower back pains that arise from various causes including, sports injuries, accidents and muscle strains.


Treatment starts with doctor of chiropractic taking medical history of the patient. Then the chiropractic does a thorough exam that is related to lower back pain and may use diagnostic imaging and laboratory tests to tell exactly what the patient is suffering from before deciding what to do. The problem could b acute back pain or chronic back pain. Depending on the type of back pain, the chiropractor will decide on how to approach its care and treatment for best results.

Acute back pain is painful but it gradually disappears while chronic back pains last long and need attention to recover. For both of them chiropractic care works well, it gives almost immediate relief with very low chances of having a side effect.

Then the chiropractic treats the pain with manual adjustment of the spine. The treatment may involve physical exercise and nutritional advice. The aim of this session is to prevent future injuries and back pain that is the problem at the time of reporting.

Advantages of lower back pain chiropractic care

Chiropractic care is the safest and most effective way of treating lower back pain. Both acute and chronic back pains are better managed by chiropractic care. Acute back pain would conventionally be treated with pain relieving medication while chiropractic care would simply work to align the backbone and the joints to ease the pain. Sometimes chronic back pain calls for surgery which is naturally invasive in nature but chiropractic care will rely on the use of hands to help the patient get better. The patient will also be advised on how to avoid the recurrence of the condition. This could be in the advice on the posture to sit in and sometimes diet and exercises to do.


Doctor of chiropractic needs you to detail your medical history well to be able to treat you better. It is therefore important to tell the chiropractic the other medical procedures you have undergone before opting to use chiropractic. It is also important to tell the chiropractic of your previous diagnosis and the medications you used and the ones you are currently using. As noninvasive as chiropractic care is, with use of some medication like blood thinning medication the results can be disastrous. People with osteoporosis may also present with complications.

Chiropractic will always refer you to an appropriate practitioner when the case requires that you seek alternative care. However you will always still benefit from the advice of a chiropractic even in such forbidding situations.




IMPROVE YOUR SEXUAL PERFORMANCE WITH Acutpucture via Wichita Chiropractor

Acupuncture will have many applications when used by mankind. With the main origin being china, there were so many conditions that could call for acupuncture and it turned out to help. Even now, there is wide range of body conditions that will be treated by acupuncture. With the concept being known that acupuncture can be used for as many applications as possible, the researchers in other countries are doing their bit and proving these applications more than effective. One of the proven uses is in sexual health. People are often faced with issues when it comes to the real sexual activities. There is need to add up an extra external approach to boost the performance. Let’s look at how this works.

What causes low sexual performance?

We need to start from the basics. Our bodies are made in such a way that they can respond when we are in relationships with people of the opposite sex. The act of sex is therefore supposed to flow naturally when the situation allows it. However, there are some barriers that will come around making some people not to experience this fun. The problem must be internal. The body is not probably functioning as it should. The morale is not coming out naturally. This is due to pain or the body not being strong enough. The brain which is a key part in sexual performance may also not be well linked to the rest of the body so that the necessary signals are not circulating around the body. Acupuncture has however proved to be a solution for all these.

Is it reliable?

With more people finding themselves in the bracket of those who do poorly in sex, there is increased demand for the products that can help in the matter. Most of these are however not found to be effective. They will even come with added problems of side effects. Acupuncture is however standing out with it being natural. There are no aliens inserted in the body but only the needles. These will not have other chemical reactions with the body. Safety is therefore there. In addition, the effectiveness is far much better. The Chinese had used it for a considerable duration of time and this is enough to confirm that it will work for you too. Some herbs also from china can be used together with the needles for better performance.

Acupuncture and sex

There are the main reasons why acupuncture is proven to cause sexual health. At first, the body is healed generally. The strength is therefore readily available. The nerves are also stimulated. The brain will be able to communicate with the sexual organs as required. The morale for sex will come naturally after the acupuncture therapy as a result.


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Chiropractor Torrance

Different types of exercises to use in torrance chiropractic treatment

When it comes to exercises during the chiropractic treatment, there are different types of exercises that one can use. However, not all of them are good, which is the reason why whichever exercise is used should have authorization from the doctor. Many of those patients who are under chiropractic treatment and they perform their own exercises may end up aggravating their problem rather than solving it. A doctor is well trained and they know which one of the exercise will be good for one and which ones are not. There are very many applicable back pains available for those patient who are under treatment even for the lower back pains. These types of exercises can be classified under extension and flexion and each one of them has its own advantages. The doctor should be able to recommend which one of them is the best for those patient who have lower back pain problems.

Flexion biased.

This is an exercise that is meant to enhance the pulling of the lower back flexion. It is a good one when the patient has no problem bending over their back. For those who may be experiencing the acute back pains, then they might want to stay away from these ones since they might be more of a problem than a solution. It may involve pulling the knees to the chest and also bending forward when one is in the sitting position. This is a good way to have the back muscles flex and thus enhance the recovery of the muscles. Many people who have tried these techniques have found them to be very effective.

Extension biased

This is also another of the techniques that can be used by the patients with the lower back pains. When one is having some leg pains that have disappeared or have diminished with time, then this method can be a very good one. They usually yield very good results when they are carried out effectively. Also, a doctor will need to be around so that they can offer their support to the patient. This will ensure also that the patient is following the instructions of the doctor.

The reported efficacy of the exercises in chiropractic care

There is a very strong evidence that points to the fact that when one is using the exercises as part of their recovery plan, it has proved to be more effective rather than the surgical procedures.

The exercises are cheap

When one undergoes the surgical procedures when they are under treatment, this is a procedure that will cost a lot of money and many people may not afford the money spent. For the exercises, they are extremely cheap since they will only depend on the effort of the patient.


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