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Reasons to choose dental implants to other alternatives

Dental implants has today become the state-of-the-art replacement of a missing tooth. It comes with a small titanium post which forms the actual implant in your mouth. This post is where a dental crown will be installed. Once this is done, then you will looking at a lifetime of service from this implant. This however has to be accompanied by proper maintenance. The implant is what rests on the gum and is not visit to people outside. The crown is what will be visible and one, two or more implants can be used in supporting multiple crowns.

If you have any missing tooth or teeth, implants are what many patients and dentists alike prefer these days. This is due to a number of reasons which include;

They function just like natural teeth

Your natural teeth are anchored to the gum via roots which securely holds them on the jawbone. Similarly, these implants will be anchored to your jawbone hence forming a solid attachment. These implants are made of a very strong metal known as titanium. This metal is also chosen due to its ability to fuse with the living bone hence forming a very strong bond. Once installed, the replacement teeth will feel completely natural and cannot be visually distinguished from the natural teeth. With these implants, you can do everything that you want unlike with other alternatives such as dentures which can easily shift from their original location.

Longest lasting replacement

Since these implants fuse with your jawbone, they offer you a permanent solution for your missing tooth. While other types of replacements may require you to replace them from time to time, dental implants go for a lifetime. This means they are the type which will offer you the best value for money unlike others which will require replacement.

Help to prevent bone loss

If you have lost your tooth, like or not, the next thing to follow will be losing your bone. This is because your bone is a living tissue and will need to be stimulated constantly in order for it to rebuild itself and remain healthy throughout. For the case of your jawbone which will get this stimulation from the teeth. When you lose your teeth, then it means the bone below will begin to melt away and resorb. This is the reason why some people will have a prematurely aged appearance due to the effect of the tooth loss.

Easy to care for

The same way you take care of your natural teeth is what you do to these implants. They should be flossed daily and brushed in the same frequency as that of the natural teeth. You will not need to apply some special creams or soak them in a glass overnight as you go to sleep. They will never need any filling. The only thing they need is proper care and regular dentist visits.

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